Try These Holiday Fitness Tips

The holiday season is about to kickoff soon, and you know what that means: food, food, and more food. If you’ve been trying to eat healthy and stay fit all year, now is not a good time to throw all that hard work away. With a few simple strategies, you can enjoy the holiday eats and still stay healthy.

First, give yourself a high-five for being consistent with eating healthy and exercising — that’s truly a great accomplishment, and one not to be taken lightly. All year you’ve made every effort to eat more fruits and vegetables, and to exercise at least 30 minutes a day – – you should really be proud of yourself. Trying to maintain this type of momentum all year isn’t easy. There’s always temptation or other obstacles that try to divert us from a healthy lifestyle.

Next, stay focused on your health goals and maintain your willpower. During the holiday season, it’s very important for us not to lose sight of our health goals. Why? This time of year brings a greater temptation of overeating and overindulgence. We are tempted with home-baked pies and sugar cookies at the office, and gourmet foods and treats at holiday parties. But, with a little willpower, we can overcome the desire to overeat.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and tempted by so much food, try drinking a protein fruit smoothie, either in the morning, or right before attending a holiday party. That way, you’ll feel full and avoid eating too much.

Lastly, if you just have to try that raspberry-chocolate cheesecake tart, satisfy your craving with a smaller portion — moderation is the key. With just a few small bites and the willpower to push away from the table, you can still enjoy holiday foods, and stay true to your health goals.

And, most of all, remember the holiday season is short, but the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are lifelong!

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