Key to Eating Healthy at Work: Pack Your Lunch!

Rice and Vegetables Eating healthy at work is challenging, since we’re always pressed for time. With little time, you may opt for a trip to the nearest fast food place. And, though, you may choose to buy the healthier items on the menu, they’re not as healthy as you might think. Many are still loaded with high levels of sodium, fats, and sugar. The key to eating healthy at work is to pack your lunch.

I rarely buy lunch from the cafe near my job. Instead, I pack my lunch to ensure that I’m continuing my habit of eating healthy. Yeah, it gets boring sometimes, but I’d rather eat a boring lunch, if it lowers my risk of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or type II diabetes. Eating healthy takes commitment — you do what you gotta do!

Packing your lunch shouldn’t require a lot of time, unless you’re planning on bringing a four-course meal. Often, I will bring whatever leftover foods I have in the fridge or freezer. In the photo above, I packed some leftover brown rice, frozen edamames and grilled, southwestern corn, with a little olive oil and sea salt. In the photo below, I packed fresh, strawberries, watermelon, and grapes, topped with a fruit yogurt — simple, but delicious. So, eating healthy at work is easy and doable — no excuses required!
Rice and Vegetables

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