Don’t Ignore Your Body’s Language

The human body is amazing! It will give you signals and warnings to let you know when something is out of whack.

When I start to feel rundown, and cold symptoms like a runny nose and sore throat creep up, I know my body is giving me signals to: slow down, get some rest, and boost my immune system, to keep from getting sick. If I ignore those signals, I’m much more ill than when I listen to my body’s language.

Susan Biali, MD writes in her article `Learn to understand and interpret your body’s language‘: “When your life is off track, your body will let you know. It starts small, whispering to you through minor ailments such as suddenly developing a rash like eczema, or getting mild tension headaches. If you don’t pay attention and make adjustments it will get louder. You might start catching every cold that’s around, or end up with pneumonia.”

Each person’s body language is unique. How well you hear your body’s language depends on how in tune you are to your body.

Our body’s will let us know whether we’re eating healthy, drinking enough water, or suffering from stress. Those signals will manifest themselves in the form of rashes, intestinal and digestive disorders and chronic diseases such as: diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and obesity.

The body doesn’t lie! It will outwardly manifest what is happening on the inside.

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