Healthy Living

What’s Your Excuse?

Well, 2013 is gone! Hopefully, you’ve decided that 2014 will be the year that you exercise and get healthy. Why exercise? It’s been proven that exercise is very effective in reducing your risk for chronic diseases: high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Exercising routinely is hard, and we’ve all made excuses for why we can’t […]


This is Going to be Good!

This is my baby boy’s last Sunday dinner, before he returns to college, and he wants this last Sunday meal to be the best. Today, he asked that I prepare Turkey & Spinach lasagna, which is one of my family’s favorites. I love to make their favorites, and hear them say:”M’mm, M’mm good!” Well, I’m […]


Food for Thought!

Imagine living in an area, without access to healthy, fresh foods. For many, in the United States, this is a daily reality. They live in areas defined as “food deserts,” which lack quality supermarkets or farmers markets, where residents can buy fresh foods. Not being able to buy affordable healthy foods is bad enough, but […]