Drink Your Tea and Eat it Too!

I love drinking herbal tea! In fact, I’m obsessed with it; so much so, I drink a cup each night; even when it’s hot outside. The joy of slowing down the world, for a few minutes, to sip a cup of tea, is priceless! My late mother-in-law believed that all of life’s problems were solved with a cup of tea!

But, what could be better than drinking tea? Maybe, eating it!

Lemon and green tea cakeAs a tea enthusiast and self-acclaimed chef, the thought of infusing some of my favorite herbal flavors like chamomile, ginger spice, and Moroccan mint, into baked goods and other dishes, is worth looking into.

So, like a bloodhound chasing down a scent, I scoured the Internet and found several resources that had recipes for cooking with the world’s most popular beverage: