Life without Fruits & Vegetables

Imagine for a minute a life without fruits and vegetables, and only having access to poor quality food. Day after day your meals consist of foods high in sodium, preservatives, and sugar. I couldn’t imagine a life without a good salad. Could you?

Yet, for many people living in rural and urban areas, a life without fresh fruits and vegetables is a reality. These areas are called “food deserts” because there is limited access to healthy foods, as reported in a recent Washington Post article.

The City of Philadelphia, which has the highest poverty level and obesity rate, is trying to eliminate food deserts by partnering with local corner stores to provide fresh fruits and vegetables.

Historically, corner stores in urban areas, are havens for poor quality, cheap foods. Local residents have little to no access to fresh produce, which is necessary for sustaining a healthy diet and helps to eliminate chronic diseases and obesity.

Certainly makes me grateful for the simple things in life, like a salad!



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