Eat Your Veggies and Drink Them Too!

Over the weekend, I decided to invite a few friends over, for a barbecue, to celebrate my wedding anniversary. Being the perfectionist cook that I am, I decided to do all the cooking; hoping to introduce my way of healthy eating.

While it was enjoyable having friends over, it was not so enjoyable preparing a lot of food for guests, who decided not to show up.

With so much food leftover, particularly salad mix, I started thinking of how many different ways to have salad: tossed, topped with chicken or fish, stuffed in pita bread. While I’m a salad lover, too much of a good thing can be too much.

Then, I thought, why not juice? Sounded like a good idea. Happy over my idea to juice my salad mix instead of allowing it to go bad, I Googled for vegetable juice recipes and found plenty. If you’re looking for new ways to eat vegetables, here are some vegetable juice recipe ideas you can try: