My Love-Hate Affair with Veggie Juice

In my previous post, I talked about the idea of juicing leftover salad mix. Well, this week I finally got around to trying out this idea.

fruit-nectarBefore I juiced, I bought 3 cans of fruit nectar: Jumex peach, pear, and mango. There were many varieties, but since these are a few of my favorite fruits, I decided to buy these. I also thought that these fruit flavors would help mask the salad taste.

Although, I’m vegetarian and love my veggies, I’m a wimp when it comes to actually drinking vegetable juice. My dislike of veggie-tasting juice stems from childhood, with my mother giving us V8 — I hated it then, and still do not like it, except for V8 Splash, which tastes more like fruit juice.

veggie-juice1Anyways, despite my dislike for veggie-tasting juice, I went ahead and juiced the nectars and the salad mix. I have to admit that I used more of the nectar than the salad mix. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste too bad, but not as good as Odwalla Green Superfood, which I love!

I probably won’t juice salad mix anytime soon, but may try some other vegetable-juice blends, or just take a trip to my friendly grocer and buy Odwalla.

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