How Not to Overeat on Super Bowl Sunday

Wings, pizza, chips, and other high-calorie snacks are a few of the major players, at many Super Bowl parties. With all the excitement and hoopla, it is very easy to load up on these snacks and consume extra calories as well. If you’re not cautious, you could consume well over 3,500 calories, during the game.

But, how can you enjoy the Super Bowl party and still stick to your New Year’s resolution, of eating healthy? You must have a game plan going in! One major weapon you can use to avoid overeating: portion control.

By using portion control, you can still enjoy the party food; just not as much. If your goal is to watch your weight and eat healthy, you can stick to this goal by eating a little at a time.

Here are a few simple strategies to consider:

  • Cut your normal portions by half
  • Drink plenty of water before eating
  • Load up on healthy snacks, if available
  • Try eating a protein bar before the party starts (will keep you full and curb hunger)
  • Just say “No”
  • Keep reminding yourself that summer is coming

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