fruits and vegetables

Eat Simple Foods

With so much information available on nutrition and healthy eating, it can be difficult for us to understand exactly what we should eat to be healthy. If there is one food rule we should remember, and that is, “Eat Simple Food.” But, you may ask “What is Simple Food?” The answer is quite simple (no […]


Flu-proof Your Body

If you haven’t heard, the flu virus is spreading rapidly, and ready to attack any human in its path. So, if you haven’t taken any precautions to protect yourself from the flu, now is a good time. Prior to the flu season, I start making preparations to build up my immune system. I’m one of […]


Is Danger Hiding in Your Fridge?

Undetected danger could be hiding among the fruits and vegetables, in your fridge. A recent salmonella outbreak affecting 141 persons in 20 states has been linked to Cantaloupe. Yes, this ripe, sweet fruit, if grown in southwestern Indiana, could make you and your family very ill. Reports of illness were identified in the following states: […]