Give the Best Gift of All: A Healthier You

During the holiday season, we tend to focus our time and energy on finding the perfect gifts. We spend countless hours surfing the web, or at the malls. We look forward to that special moment when our loved ones open their gifts, with surprise and joy, at seeing the perfect gift. But, isn’t the holiday season about giving gifts and spreading joy?

Yes. But, in our haste to give the perfect  gift, we overlook the best gift of all: Self. What better gift, than YOU in healthy body, mind, and spirit, to give your family and friends?

If your goal is finding the perfect gift, keep in mind that the best gift starts with a healthier you! The following tips can help you in being your best, this holiday season:

  • Show gratitude
    Let’s face it, we all want and desire more. But, let’s not forget those little things that we tend to take for granted: sight, hearing, speech, mobility, and the ability to enjoy life itself!
  • Think positive
    If you’re struggling through an unfortunate situation, have hope that things will change. I struggled through unemployment, with four children, mortgage, college tuition, and a car payment. It was rough, but I adjusted my life and my family made it through. There is nothing in life that builds character than persevering through hard times. Know that in life nothing stays the same; things do change!
  • Get moving
    The greatest weapon against many chronic diseases, and health disorders such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity is exercise. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can bring you a step closer to living a healthier life. The key to exercising is finding an activity you enjoy like dancing, cycling, gardening, walking, jogging, or rock climbing. Find 30 minutes and get moving!
  • Stress less
    Along with the holidays comes the need to get a lot of things done: shopping, cooking, entertaining family. But, there’s only so much that can be done in a 24 hr period. Plan your tasks wisely and do what you can, with the time available. And, if you can’t do it all; ask for help.
  • Eat healthy
    Okay, we all won’t be vegans, but, we can decide to eat healthier. If you’re finding it difficult to eat healthy, overcome this obstacle a little at a time. Try reducing or eliminating just one unhealthy food from your diet. Then, try two and so on. Eating healthy shouldn’t be a burden — healthy eating is a lifestyle. The more you eat healthy and see the benefits, the easier it becomes.

As you embark on the holiday season, keep in mind the season is more about connecting with loved ones, sharing special moments, and spreading love and joy! The gift of Self is the best gift of all!!

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