Health and Wellness

Food for Thought!

Imagine living in an area, without access to healthy, fresh foods. For many, in the United States, this is a daily reality. They live in areas defined as “food deserts,” which lack quality supermarkets or farmers markets, where residents can buy fresh foods. Not being able to buy affordable healthy foods is bad enough, but […]


Fall for Fall’s Superfoods

There’s much to love about fall: cooler weather, hearty soups, and constant changing foilage. But, fall’s superfoods give us one more reason to love this season. Superfoods are foods that are loaded with health benefits. Many of these foods provide enormous amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The fall season brings us a few of […]


Have Healthy Your Way!

Today, there is a wealth of information and resources to help us lead healthy lives. With so much information, it can seem overwhelming when trying to decide on the best healthy approach. Yet, many of us get so overwhelmed that the information causes “no-action” paralysis — we have so much information that we can’t decide […]