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1 Food Men Should Eat Daily

There are many foods that are especially good for men’s health such as: oysters, fatty fish, bananas, Brazil nuts, and whole grains. But, there is one cancer-fighting food that men should eat daily: tomatoes. It is not surprising that tomatoes top the list of foods that men should eat daily. Why? Tomatoes are loaded with […]


4 Health Numbers Men Shouldn’t Overlook!

June is Men’s Health Month! During this month, attention is focused on building awareness of preventable health problems, for men, and encouraging men to take charge of their health. Health statistics have shown that men are more inclined than women, to skip the regular doctor’s visits, avoid getting important screening tests, and indulge in excessive […]


Is Your Life a Beach?

No matter how you look at it, life isn’t always great; there are ups and downs, good and bad. For these reasons, I always take a beach vacation to help remind me of the wondrous beauty in life: ocean, palm trees, white sand, and sun. On my recent vacation to Clearwater, Florida, I was reminded […]