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I’m Not a Sistah from Another Planet; I just don’t eat meat!

Whenever I tell someone I don’t eat meat, particularly meat-eaters, I get the usual looks that say “You poor soul, how do you survive?” Or, “What planet are you from?” My answer to them is always the same: “Every meal you make with red meat, I can find a substitute and prepare a meal that […]


Leftover Makeover

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family, but I hate trying to figure out what makeover to give my leftovers. This year, I’ve decided to make turkey soup with rosemary dumplings. I don’t usually prepare my daily meals using a recipe, so I’ll wing it and go with the flow. There was plenty of […]


Healthy Made Simple!

Eating healthy isn’t complicated. In fact, you can prepare very healthy meals using simple ingredients, such as vegetables. The other day, for dinner, I made grilled eggplant sandwiches topped with sauteed red and green peppers, and onions. Along with my sandwich, I had a cup of tomato and basil soup. Mmm! delicious!